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Here to Stay Flavors

Buttermilk Vanilla Cake

Light and moist vanilla cake filled with vanilla custard and berry jam.

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream.

Almond Cake

Almond cake filled with vanilla custard and berry jam. True delicacy.

Pistachio Cake

For the fans of pistachio, its a must. Best paired with Pistachio cream.

Red Velvet Cake

Traditional flavor, perfect with cream cheese buttercream.

ChocoNilla Cake

Layers of chocolate cake and vanilla cakes alternated and filled with chooclate cream.

Coconut Lemon Cake

Coconut cake filled with lemon curd and vanilla cream

Gluten Free Cakes

Strawberries and Cream

Seasonal Flavors

Corn and Blueberry

Corn cake filled with blueberry preserves ans vanilla cream

Strawberries and Cream

Vanilla cake filled with Strawberry cream and vanilla buttercream

Passion Fruit and White Chocolate

White Chocolate Chip Cake filled with passion fruit curd and vanilla buttercream

Banana and Nutella

Banana cake filled with Nutella cream and praline buttercream

Pumpkin and Dulce

Pumpkin cake filled with Diulce de Leche cream and vanilla buttercream

Candy Cane Cake

Vanilla and Chocoalte Cake filled with peppermint buttercream and crushed candies

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